Smart Leadership for Smart Bangladesh

Smart Leadership Academy aspires to be the premier institution, to enrich our human capital with the leadership skills and competencies, develop our Smart Society and be a catalyst to propel us to accomplish Vision 2041: Smart Bangladesh

Our Vision
  • Be a center of excellence for DE and government human capital development

  • Be a thought leadership center to drive public service excellence through innovation and use of digital transformation for the economy and government.

  • Develop and formulate digital economy best practices, standards and policies for the public sector

  • Be a catalyst to propel us to accomplish Vision 2041: Smart Bangladesh

Our Smart Pioneers
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

The Father of the Nation

Sajeeb Wazed

Sheikh Hasina MP

The Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

ICT Adviser

Sajeeb Wazed

Adviser to Honorable Prime Minister of ICT Affairs

Zunaid Ahmed Palak

Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP

Hon'ble State Minister, ICT DIvision

Training Programs

Govt. Official Training

Empower government officials to contribute towards achieving the vision of a Smart Bangladesh by 2041 by leveraging digital transformation, effective governance, and sustainable development strategies.

Public Representative Training

Emphasizing digital literacy, leadership, and policymaking, the program fosters innovation-driven governance, leveraging technology for sustainable growth, and enhanced public service delivery. .

Middle Management Training

Equips mid-level managers of IT industry in Bangladesh with cutting-edge managerial techniques and digital proficiency.

CXO Training

Emphasizing leadership skills, tech know-how, and strategic governance through personalized learning paths, expert-led seminars, and collaborative projects, the program reinvents IT leadership for the digital age


Equips the academia with vital leadership skills and innovative pedagogical methodologies to empower the next generation of leaders


Fosters digital empowerment among media representatives, shaping participants into effective communicators, ready to navigate and influence the fast-evolving digital media landscape of Bangladesh.

Popular Courses
Course 1

Digital Economy

Gain cutting-edge insights into e-commerce, digital currencies, fintech, and the impact of digital transformations on public policy and global economies.

Course 2

Change Management

Equips Bangladeshi government officials with crucial change management skills to drive Digital Economy advancements, fostering public and private sector growth, and catalyzing the transformation towards a Smart Bangladesh by 2041

Course 3

Cyber Security

Equips with essential skills to defend against cyber threats. Participants learn cutting-edge strategies, risk assessment, and incident response, fostering robust cyber security competencies for the digital era

Learn to lead the world

  • Mindset: The 4IR-enablers must be adaptive to technological changes, have attitudes to learn new technologies, knowledge in technology, ability, and skills to become 4IR-ready leaders. The SLA will work to cultivate a future-focused mindset among the Government and digital leaders, or the “4IR-enablers” to meet the evolving and changing requirements.

  • Competency: With the technologies rapidly changing and transforming the world, through SLA government & industry IT leaders will upskill themselves in regards to new technologies and approaches that will help them react faster and navigate potential disruption caused by the 4IR.

  • Change culture: There will be rapid change to governance, policies and their implications, industries, society, environment due to the 4IR. The SLA will work to ensure that the 4IR-enablers are adaptive to the change culture as full as possible, as well as with their applications to the specific workings of government.
Latest Resources

Cyber Security in Social Media

The objective of the Smart Leadership Academy is to embed processes and programs for catalyzing Privacy and Security in Social Media

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4IR Opportunities and Challenges

The objective of the Smart Leadership Academy is to embed processes and programs for catalyzing 4IR Opportunities and Challenges

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Digital to Smart Bangladesh

The objective of the Smart Leadership Academy is to embed processes and programs for catalyzing Digital to Smart Bangladesh.

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Best Place to be a smart Leader and to be mentored by a smart Leader

Bangladesh's development journey is currently at a very intriguing and exciting crossroads. ICT is a key component of the government's overall plan for national development. With the country reaping the benefits of the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ program Bangladesh is moving forward to create a happy, prosperous, and knowledge-based SMART Bangladesh, which is powered by four pillars:


Smart Citizens


Smart Economy


Smart Government


Smart Society

With the vision of achieving 2041 the Government of Bangladesh has taken initiative to establish SMART Leadership Academy (SLA) to create 4IR-readiness in the Government affairs , promoting data driven decision making in Government decision process and facilitating the 4IR and Digital economy in Bangladesh. SLA will also promote effective collaboration and decision making in both policy as well as at operational levels, and enhance convenience for citizens and businesses, and ultimately help prepare for and thrive in the impending 4IR.

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